Installation of Swil Order Application and Integration With RetailGraph Software

Installation of Swil Order Application & Integration With SwilERP (RetailGraph)

Swil Order App:  Swil order app is an Android mobile application from SWIL. With the help of this application, our clients’ salespersons/Executives can take sales orders from their customers at their sites/stores and can send sales orders to their respective RetailGraph databases. This application can be used in both online and offline mode.

To run this application in online mode, the client needs to have a static IP to send orders to the RG database at the time of creating orders and in offline mode, sales orders can be created first and later can be sent to the RG database after having the availability of internet resources.

To integrate this app with RG, we have to make some settings which are as follows:

Installation of order .apk: Firstly client needs to install Swil order .apk on their android phones/tabs. Right now this app can’t be found in google play store so we have to mail or transfer this app to the client. After getting this app, the client needs to install this .apk on their android phones/tabs. After the installation of this app, we have to make some settings in RG.

 We have to define the server system’s local IP in Server IP Address in system default as can be seen in below-mentioned image:

Retailgraph system default window.

After putting local IP in system default, we have to mention port in Port(Mobile App) field in the branch. Normally we suggest client open port 84 on their static IP.

Retailgraph software branch window.

After making the above settings, now in the registration details, we have to put a new password according to the number of mobile users. So these changes have to be done in RG. Now we come to the Swil order app. 

After Installing the app, we have to put details in-app as shown in below image:

Swil order App window.

In the above image, the server’s static IP is mentioned. Now we have to click on import to proceed further. After that we have to put details as shown in below image:

Swil order app setting.

After saving the above details, we will be able to log into the app. Now we can make sales order from the app.

To place an order we have to click on the sales order.

Swil Order app main menu.

Over here we have to select a customer.

Swil Order app customer window.

After selecting the customer we have to add products to make a sales order.

Swil Order app product add window.

So this is how we can integrate the SWIL order app with the Retailgraph database. 

Thank you, we appreciate the time you take to read this article and we hope it helps you to understand how to integrate SWIL order app with RG database.

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