How to connect Cash Drawer and How to Use it with RetailGraph POS Software

Cash Drawer Integration and Uses

How to do Integration of Cash Drawer and How to Use it with SwilERP (RetailGraph)

Cash Drawer Integration with RetailGraph POS System

What is the meaning of a Cash Drawer?

A cash drawer allows storage of checks, cash, coins, stamps, and other valuable items, providing crucial security and organization for your point of sale, POS, and system. In a typical point-of-sale system setup, the receipt printer sends a signal to the cash drawer, triggering it to open only when needed 

In RetailGraph, you can integrate cash drawer option by system default section. 
  1. First, you have to open  System Default  window. 
  2. Go to the  Font & Printers  tab. 
  3. Add  Port and Command  in cash drawer column. 
  4. And, Save the window.
Note: To add port and command, contact your hardware operator.


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