How to do Integration Weighing Machine Scale in RetailGraph Software

Integration of Weighing Machine and Uses

How to do Integration of Weighing machine scale and How to Use it with SwilERP (RetailGraph)

Weighing Machine Integration with RetailGraph POS System

What is weighing machine?  

The weighing machine is a  piece of equipment that you can stand on to find out your weight or place an object on to find its weight.  The weighing machine  measures weight by measuring the force exerted on the load cell . They then convert that result to mass and display it in various mass units.

In the other way, a weighing machine is a device that is used for measuring weight. People often use these machines to measure their mass, check the density of ingredients, weigh their body mass, and more.  There has been a modification in technology related to weighing machines in the last few years. Various types of devices are now available in the market with several benefits, so these are different types of weighing machines in the market.

Types of weighing machine 

1. Mechanical Weighing Machine
2.  Digital Weighing Machine

In RetailGraph, you can easily integrate weighing machine by system default section.

Start with RetailGraph Dashboard to initiate the process

Login to your RetailGraph Dashboard
  1. Go to the starts> Options> System Default 

How to allow the option of weighing machine 

Step 1:  Allow weighing machine option 

A new window for entering a password will appear in the next slide. To know the password, contact your local service provider or raise a ticket on

  1. Go to the Posting A/c & Barcodes tab.
  2. Tick-mark on the below-given option of: 
    1. Use Weighing Machine Barcode ( Starts with 1)
  1. Save the window with the given option. 

Step 2:  Enter Barcode in products   

After allowing the weighing machine option, you have to update Barcode of products in the RetailGraph software.   A file is also imported of products' barcodes in the weighing machine.  For further information, you can contact your hardware operator. 

Here are the steps to add barcode in the product: 
  1. Go to the Product List. 
  2. Select the product in which you want to add Barcode
  3. Add Barcode in the column. 
  4. And, Save the page.

Allow weighing machine option in touch screen support

To update the weighing machine option in touch screen support, do follow the below-given process. With this option, the weighing machine automatically fetches the quantity of products.  
  1. Go to the System Default  section and open it. 
  2. After that, go to the Fonts & Printers tab.
  3. Enter the  Data Length  number; here, you have to enter the number that your hardware operator provides. 

  4. Now, enter  the Serial Port number.  In this, enter the number that is written on your weighing scale.             

  5. Save the window.

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