Invoice Product Attribute in RetailGraph

Invoice Product Attribute in RetailGraph


Invoice Product Attribute in RetailGraph 

Invoice Product Attribute:

 This option of invoice product attribute helps you to take your decisions of reordering the products in a purchase order on the bases of the Product attribute defined by you.

 You can find this option in START- MASTERS- INVENTORY- INVOICE PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE. By-default no return is already made. If you want to make a new attribute you can click the NEW button and make a new one and save it.

Now you need to open your sales invoice and open the bill which you have made. Now click mouse right button and you need to choose if you want to apply attribute to all the products in the invoice or only on a particular product by selecting Set “no return” attribute or Set “no return” attribute(All Item) in this example I have selected on all the items in the invoice.


At the bottom of the invoice, you will be able to see the status name of the attribute which you have applied in this particular invoice as shown in the image.


 After this process, you need to open the Purchase order. For that, you need to click START-PURCHASE-PURCHASE ORDER. and click on the AUTO GENERATE option as shown in the image.

 Now you will see a new window as shown in the image. This process works on the bases of days sale, So we need to select that option.


 Now in invoice attribute you will get 3 options 1) Do not consider 2) Define separate column 3) Do not include

 So this means 1) Do not consider- Do not consider the attribute in the report. So products will be as per no consider your work will be continued as per the default process.

2) Define separate column- This will define details in a separate column your qty will be in other qty.

3) Do not include- this will not include your attribute in the report.