Learn How to Modify Tax Type in Sales Bill in SwilERP Software

Modify Tax Type in Sales Bill

How to Modify Tax Type in Sales Bill in SwilERP (RetailGraph)

Overview of Change Tax Type in Sales Bill

Taxes are termed compulsory contributions made by individuals or corporations falling under the tax slab to the Government of India. If users want to change products tax type after creating a sales bill, that can be done from the sales invoice section. The need to modify the Sale Bill occurs when the user needs to make any changes in the Bill/Invoice, like in case the product tax rate needs to be changed or a wrong bill amount has been entered. With this option, users can change the tax rate of a particular product.

 The shortcut key for using Change Tax Type option is "Ctrl+F". After opening the sales invoice, press Ctrl+F to open the Change Tax Type window.

Start with Login in SwilERP Dashboard to initiate the process

  1. Go to Menu> Sales Section> Sales Invoice.
Reference image:
SwilERP Dashboard Window

Process to Modify Sales Bill Tax Type 

  1. A new window of Sales Invoice will appear in the next slide.
  2. Select the Options i.e. Month/Date/Entry/Year to browse the invoices. Or users can open the previous invoice by clicking on the Previous option in sales invoice.
  3. Click on it and open the sales invoice window.
Reference image:

  1. After that, all the products you have created invoices for are displayed on the screen.
  2. Go to the Review section and click on the Change Tax Type option.
As shown in the below-given screen:

  1. Now, a new window of Tax Details will appear in the next slide.
  2. Here you will see tax information of products.
  3. Select New Tax Rate from the New Tax Code column. For example, you entered tax type SG1 instead of SG2 tax rate.
  4. Similarly, you can update the tax rate of second product.
  5. Click on the Save button to save it.
 Reference image:

  1. As shown in the below-given image, the tax rates automatically change according to the new rate.
  2. Lastly, Save the window with the given option.
Reference image:

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