Now RetailGraph provides "Check Unique Mobile No. Of Customer" feature while preserving customer details

Now RetailGraph provides "Check Unique Mobile No. Of Customer" feature while preserving customer details

This era of digitization has completely changed the way we buy or sell something. Modern customers see more with products when shopping with retailers. Thus, it becomes a challenge for the retailer to provide the customers with what they want. But within these scenarios, security is the main concern that every retailer is looking for.

RetailGraph offers its valued customers many options to increase security throughout the system. It optimizes software to enhance operational excellence and make its software platform competitive as per the market. Additionally, the developers of RetailGraph have offered a feature in the software that gives a unique identity to any customer you add. This feature does not allow you to enter the same mobile number for two or more customers. It demands each customer to provide his or her unique mobile number. So that retailers can easily identify sales, purchases, and outstanding information without any confusion.

To get this feature in your RetailGraph software, you have to enable the "Check Unique Mobile No. Of Customer" feature in the "System Default" page. The feature enhances the security and flexibility inside the organization. Also, it ensures retailers/distributors that they are dealing with Authentic individuals.

To use this functionality, you can easily navigate to the option by using the following steps:

1. Click on the Start button.

2. Select Options -> System Default.

3. Enter Password and click on the Submit button.

4. The System Default window opens.

5. Select the Others tab.

6. Under the Customer ribbon, you will get the option ”Check Unique Mobile No. Of Customer”.

7. Tick mark the associated checkbox and click the Save button.

Note: By default, the feature is disabled for all existing customers. But if you want to enable the same, then you have to check the ”Check Unique Mobile No. Of Customer” option.

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