Product Packing

Product Packing

Product Packing Process in RetailGraph

This is a new option which is introduced in RetailGraph. Make sure you have the latest version of RetailGraph while you run this option. 

This process is basically used to update the product packing information on product as well as on its lots. We will understand this process with this example- you have one tablet strip and its contact is 1 strip contains 10 tab, But by mistake you inserted in software 1 strip contains 1 tab. And you have processed the transaction, now in middle if you want to change the lots and product packing details to 1 strip contains 10 tab in that case we will use this option.

To execute the process you need to go to the START button - Options- System Maintenance.

A window will open as shown in the image below. 

You need to go to 3rdtab Change Value- Product packing followed by the image given below.

As you can see in the image above in the product column you need to select the product name of which you need to change the packing information followed by the image given below. 

Now as you can see in the image above you can now change the product unit and contains, if you wish to sell it with sell loose tick mark that option followed by the image given below. 

Till now this process was getting updated till the product level, but now if you want the same information to get updated on the product lot also then tick mark the checkbox of Update in Lot and click on the update button. You product will get update accordingly. 


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