Product Wise Stock Transfer Report

Product Wise Stock Transfer Report

 Product Wise Stock Transfer Report

From this report, you can see the transaction of your transferred products from one location to another location. This report shows you call the details of your stock along with bill details. 

To see this report go to the START button- Reports- Inventory report- Product-wise stock transfer report.

A window will open as shown in the image below. 

Here you can select the date range of your report. And in report type, you can select details or summary report type. You also have a product button from which you can filter the product details of which you want to see a report followed by the image below. 

You also have a manufacturer button to filter for your report in case if you want to see a specific manufacturer report. 

Once you select all the filters and apply your parameters click on the VIEW button, Your report will generate. 

Now as you can see in the above image this report will generate all the details of those specific products which you have transferred from one location to another.  


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