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Purchase Invoice

How to Create Purchase Invoice in SwilERP (RetailGraph)


Meaning of Purchase Invoice.

Many official documents are generated in business today, including the purchase invoice. It is delivered to a buyer by a company and indicates the goods or services purchased. This document is proof of transaction and indicates that something was purchased. Making a Purchase Invoice is very simple to make a Purchase Order; with this option, users can also add a new product by product master, enter the quantity, MRP, sale rate, cash discount, etc. Here are the methods of payments cash, credit, cheque, or card, in which you can pay the supplier or vendor.
Users can manage their Inventories by adding stock to the software through the Purchase Invoice. This article will explain creating a Purchase Invoice in SwilERP from the Purchase section. 

Start with Login in the SwilERP dashboard to initiate the process:
  1. Go to the Purchase menu > Purchase Invoice.

Reference Window:
SwilERP Dashboard Window

How to add Vendor details:

  1. Select the Vendor name from the drop-down, or create it manually by selecting a new option.
  2. Select the Refer By, if required.
  3. Enter the Reference number as given on the vendor's bill.
  4. You can choose the Payment method with the given Payment Details option. 
                 Reference Article:- How to create Vendor Master.

Reference Window:

Add details in Purchase invoice in retailgraph.

How to add Product details:  

  1. Go to the Product field, select from the list, or create it manually.
  2. Enter the HSN, Batch number, ExpirY date, Quantity, MRP, Sale Rate, etc.
  3. Add the applicable discount or tax rate to the product.
  4. Save the page from the given Save option.
        Reference Article to add a new product:-  How to Create Product Master.

Reference Window:
add Product detailsPurchase Invoice Window

Additional Functions from the Home Tab:
  1. Shipping Details: Allows you to enter the shipping details of the order, including the E-way bill information.
  2. Payment Details: Lets you choose the type of payment for the order, such as cash, credit, cheque, or card.
  3. Tax Details: Allows you to select the tax details for the product being sold, including GST or other applicable taxes.
  4. Promotion Details or Apply Promotion: Lets you select and apply any promotions or discounts from this option.
  5. Add/Less: Enables you to select the billing head for the transaction, such as discount or shipping charges.
  6. Adjust Return: This option is specifically for GST transactions and allows you to adjust the GST returns accordingly.
  7. Clear Challan/Order: Allows you to view pending orders and challans that may need to be cleared.
Reference Image:
Additional FunctionsPurchase Invoice Window Other Options

Extra Tools from the View Tab:
  1. Preview: This option allows you to preview the sales challan before printing it, so that you can check for any errors or discrepancies. You can also customize the format and layout of the invoice as per your preferences.
  2. Print Barcode: This option allows you to print the barcode of the products on the sales challan. This helps in tracking the inventory and sales data of the products more efficiently.
  3. Print Options: This option lets you configure the settings of your printer, such as paper size, orientation, and quality, as well as select the printer you want to use for printing the invoice.
  4. Cancel Changes: If you want to discard any changes you made to the sales challan and revert to the previous version, you can use this option. This helps in avoiding any unintended modifications or errors in the invoice.
Reference Image:
View TabView Tab Options
  1. Header Layout: Customize the header of your document by selecting various options from this menu.
  2. Grid Layout: Add or remove columns to your document's grid view using this option.
  3. Ribbon Layout: Personalize your document's ribbon by selecting options from this menu.
  4. Save Layout: Save your customized layout settings after making changes to the header, grid, or ribbon layout.
Reference Image:
View TabView Tab Options
  1. Find: Use this option to search for specific entries in your document.
  2. Copy To New: Use this option to recover deleted bills and create a new copy.
  3. Previous: To view the previous invoice, use this option.
  4. Next: Use this option to view the next entry in the document.
  5. Browse section: View all challan entries based on selected options such as Month wise, Date wise, Entry wise, etc. in the Browse section.
Reference Image:
View all challan entriesView Tab Options

Extra Tools from the History Tab:
  1. Vendor History: View a list of all vendor-related transactions and activities such as purchase orders, invoices, payments, and more.
  2. Vendor/ Product History: Access a comprehensive record of product-related transactions, including purchase and sales orders, invoices, returns, adjustments, and more.
  3. Purchase/ Product History: View a detailed history of all purchases made for a specific product, including the vendor name, purchase order details, quantities, prices, and more.
  4. Sales/ Product History: Review a complete history of all sales transactions related to a specific product, including the customer name, order details, quantities sold, prices, and more.
Reference Image:
History TabHistory Tab Options

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