How to view, print, export or analyze Purchase Order reports in Retailgraph Software

Purchase Order Status Report

How to view Purchase Order Report in SwilERP (RetailGraph)

What is a Purchase Order Report?

Purchase order status is an option in SwilERP, that is used to view the real-time status of purchase orders. This report shows all the orders given to the suppliers on which date and amount. With this report, users can also track the order status as they are adjusted, partially adjusted, or pending.

With SwilERP, users can easily view the purchase order status in summary and detail wise by the given option. Please find the below-given link to know the process for creating a purchase order entry:
Reference Link: Create Purchase Order

Start with Login in SwilERP Dashboard to Initiate the Process

  1. Go to the Reports> Transaction Status Report> Purchase Order Status.
Reference image:
SwilERP Dashboard Window

Process to view the Report

A new window of purchase order status will appear in the next slide. Follow the below-mentioned steps to know the process:
  1. Select the Date Range "From" to "To", in which you want to view the details.
  2. Select the Report Type as Summary or Detail to view the report.
  3. Choose the option in between: All/ Adjusted/ Pending, in which you want to the report.
  4. If you choose options of adjusted or pending, then tick mark on the Partially Adjusted.
  5. Users can also filter the Vendor and Series from the given option.
  6. Click on the View tab.
  7. And, there you'll see the details of purchase order status report.
Reference image:

How can you analyze purchase return report?

In this section, you can analyze your purchase order report. You can find this report similar to the pivot table, in which you can view the products order details.
  1. Go to the Analysis section.
  2. Select the details as same as you selected in the Home section.
  3. Click on the View option.
  4. After that, Choose fields to add to report. Tick-mark on the options; then, they will automatically field in the below-given areas.
  5. You can also Drag fields between below-given four areas: Filter, Columns, Rows, Values.
  6. The data reflect in the Analysis Grid section.
Reference image:

  1. Click on the Chart tab to view the report in chart format.
  2. Here you'll see the report's chart along with reflected every detail.
Reference image:

  1. You can also view the report in Raw Data, where you can find every detail.
  2. Click on the raw data and there you will see Purchase order report.
Reference image:

To Print and Preview the Report

  1. Go to the Display section.
  2. Select the Print and Preview option to take printout of the report.
Reference image:

To Export the File in Excel Format

  1. Go to the Display section.
  2. Click on the ''T'' button and there, you'll see the options to convert your report into an excel file.

Reference image:

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