Learn how to do Reposting of Transaction Data in RetailGraph Software

Reposting of Transactions Data

How to do Reposting of Transaction Data in RetailGraph

What is Reposting?

Reposting is used to re-post or reconcile transaction data from the RetailGraph software. Selecting the date range allows you to easily reconcile transactions of a specific time period. This option helps you to reconcile All transactions in one click, and you don't need to reconcile the transactions one by one.  

The purpose of reposting transactions is to find the error, if any. Also, you can do the correction for the same transactions. Here are the steps to know how does reposting option works in the system maintenance form in RetailGraph. 

With this section, you can reconcile the following options in the system maintenance form: 
  1. Sales Invoice 
  2. Sales Credit Note 
  3. Sales Debit Note 
  4. Receipts 
  5. Cheques Dishonoured 
  6. Cheques Return 
  7. Purchase Invoice 
  8. Purchase Debit Note 
  9. Purchase Credit Note
  10. Payment 
  11. Stock Transfer 
  12. Receipt Entry 
  13. Payment Entry 
  14. Convert Cash Discount in Trade Discount 

Start with Login in RetailGraph dashboard to initiate the process

  1. Go to the Options Section> System Maintenance 
Reference image: 

How to do Reposting of Sales Invoice

  1. Go the Reposting section. 
  2. Select the Date Range "From" to "To" in which you want to run reposting. 
  3. Click on the Run Reposting button. 
  4. While reposting the transaction, the system sends a notification message with a pop-up window if there is any error. 
Note: In case your selected date range is more than 1 or 2 months with an amount of transaction data, it will take time to re-post the data. 
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Kindly Note: As per the above-given information, you can do reposting of all the given transactions in the section.

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