Integrate SwilPOS App with RetailGraph/SwilERP: Step-by-Step Guide

Requirements for Integrating SwilPOS Mobile App with RetailGraph/SwilERP

Effortlessly Integrate SWIL Mobile Apps with RetailGraph/SwilERP

As an existing user of RetailGraph or SwilERP, you have the option to integrate mobile applications with your software for enhanced retail management. With the integration of SwilPOS and SwilSORT mobile applications, you can streamline your retail operations and enjoy a seamless experience. This article provides a simple step-by-step guide on how to integrate these mobile apps with your existing RetailGraph/SwilERP software, making it easier for you to take advantage of their features and capabilities.

Follow these Steps to Integrate Mobile Apps with RetailGraph/SwilERP:

Step 1: Ensure you are using the Latest Version of RetailGraph/SwilERP

  1.  Install RetailGraph/SwilERP Version or Above for Seamless Mobile Application Integration.
Note: To update to the latest software version, users can reach out to their local service provider or create a support ticket on for assistance in updating to the latest version of RetailGraph/SwilERP.

Step 2: Required Installation - Windows 10 and SQL Server 2016 or Above

  1. Check that your SQL version is SQL Server 2016 or above.
  2. Ensure that the SQL compatibility level is set to "SQL Server 2016 (130) or Above.
  3. It is crucial to use a SQL version that is compatible with Windows 10 to ensure optimal performance and functionality.
Reference Image:

Screenshot of SQL Server Management Studio showing database properties with compatibility level options for SwilERP software integration.

Step 3: Establish Port Connection to the SQL Database

  1. To establish the connection, ensure that the SQL server is configured to use either TCP Port 1433 or 1434 on your system.
  2. To facilitate this process, you may need to reach out to your Internet Service Provider for assistance in configuring the necessary port settings.
Reference Image:

Step 4: Obtain Login ID for SwilPOS

To get the Login ID for SwilPOS, update the registered email ID in at least one user account within RetailGraph/SwilERP CRM portal. This updated email ID will serve as the Login ID for SwilPOS.

Step 5: Provide User Access to Mobile Applications

If users do not have access to run the SwilPOS mobile app, they can log in to the Admin Panel using their registered email ID and the same password they use to log in to RetailGraph/SwilERP. After logging in, the Admin Panel window will appear, and users can give application rights to themselves or other users.

Step 6: Login to SwilPOS mobile app

Once the user has been granted access, they can log in to the SwilPOS mobile application.
  1. Open SwilPOS app on your device and click on the Sign In button.
  2. Enter the registered email ID and password that you use for logging into RetailGraph/SwilERP.
  3. Click on the Sign In button to log in to the SwilPOS app.
Reference Image:

      Login screen of SWILPOS mobile app with fields for email address and password, and social media sign-up options.

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