How to View and Export Account Statement in SwilERP Pharmacy Software

Statement of Accounts

How to View Account Statement in SwilERP

What is a account statement?

An account statem ent is a document that reflects all the transactions between customers and vendors. Generally, this statement provides the transactions' data posted in accounts. For example, cash in hand, direct and indirect expenses, sales and purchase taxes, TDS/ TCS paid, etc. All these transactions are shown in account statements. 

In SwilERP, users can view statements according to the date and particular account-wise statement. Users can also view transactions'  Debit/Credit   amount-wise. Do follow the below-given process to view the statement: 

Start with Login in SwilERP Dashboard to initiate the process 

  1. Go to the  Statements> Account statement.  
SwilERP Dashboard Window

How to View Account statement 

  1. A window of account statement will appear in next slide.  
  2. Go to the Home section. 
  3. Select the Date Range  in which you want to view statement.  
  4. If you want to view s tatement of particular account , select the account name from the drop-down list. 
  5. Tick mark on the options, if required- 
    1. Show 0 balance account
    2. Include nil transactions a/c
  6. Click on the View options. 
  7. And, there you can view all the transactions and amount in Debit/ Credit column. 
Account Statement Window

Export account statement in excel 

Sometimes, it is necessary to share an account statement with someone. Users can easily export statements in an excel file from this option to share the report.  
  1. Go to the  Display  Section.
  2. Click on the   ''T''  option on the top of the right side. 
  3. Select the  Excel  option to export your statement, and save the file in your system. 

Export in Excel Window

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