How to Schedule Account Statement, View and Export in SwilERP Pharmacy Software

Statement of Accounts (Schedule Wise)

How to View Accounts Statement Schedule Wise

Meaning of schedule wise statement

In accounting, a schedule is defined as the supporting report. This is a document that constitutes detailed information explaining the elements of the chief financial report. It serves as proof of all the data that is presented in the financial report, with answers to all the numbers mentioned in the report. 

A schedule-wise statement is a report showing transaction data according to account. For example,  purchase is a schedule and report will show data under purchase schedule. 

With SwilERP,   you can view statement with Last year comparison and Debit/ Credit details. Follow the below-given process to view the schedule wise statement.   

Login SwilERP and go to the accounts section to initiate the process

  1.   Click to the Statement> Account Statement (schedule wise) .  
SwilERP Dashboard Window

How to view schedule wise account statement 

  1. In the next slide you'll see the schedule wise window.
  2. Go to the Home section.
  3. If you want to select   Date range to view data as on date. 
  4. Tick mark on the options of " Last year comparison"  and  " Debit/ Credit detail", if needed. 
  5. To view details of a particular Group ledger wise, then select the ledger form the drop-down list. 
  6. Click on the View tab.
Account Statement Window
In the account statements' window you view following details:
  1. Purchase Account-  In this, you'll see every purchase transaction's details tax-wise and debit amount. Also, you can see the ledger account by double-clicking once on it.
  2. Sales Account-  You can view sales transactions and their ledgers in this schedule. 
  3. Indirect Expenses-  All the indirect expenses and their ledger are shown in this section.
  4. Reserves And Surplus- Users can also view reserves and surplus. 
  5. Current Liabilities-  Details of current liabilities, including creditors, duties & taxes and the ledger of a particular transaction, are shown in this section. 
  6. Current Assets- Cash and Bank details will show in this section. 
Note:  You can view the ledger account of every transaction by clicking once on the transaction. 

Schedule Wise Details

Export statement in excel format 

In SwilERP, there is also an option to export statements in excel format. Users can easily export reports in an excel file with the export file option. Do follow the below-given steps:     
  1. Go to the  Display   section.

  2. Click on the  "T"   option, select the excel option to convert you statement.

Display Tab

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