How to Create & Modify Branches in Swil Admin

Step-by-Step Guide to Create & Modify Branches in Swil Admin

How to Create & Modify Branches in Swil Admin

Swil Admin allows users to create new branches that will be automatically implemented in the RetailGraph software. Additionally, users can modify existing branches from anywhere through the Admin portal. To create or modify a branch, users can follow the given steps. Overall, Swil Admin simplifies the process of managing branches, making it easy for users to streamline their workflow and maximize efficiency.

Start with login in Swil Admin to initiate the process

  1. Go to the Dashboard & click on the Branch option.
Reference image:
Swil Admin Dashboard Window
  1. After that, you will see all the created branch list here.
  2. You can choose any branch and make changes to it by Edit option.
  3. To create new branch click on the Create New(+) option.
Reference image:
Branch List Window

How to Create New Branch

  1. Now, multiple options window appears to ask you in which database you want to create new branch.
  2. Choose an option accordingly & click on it.
Reference image:
Options Window

Note: When selecting the Centralized Branch option, you can only enter details which are registered in the Swil CRM portal.

Create Independent Physical Branch with the following process:

  1. After selecting option, a Branch Master window will appear. Fill in the branch details here.
  2. Enter the Branch Name in the column.
  3. Enter the branch Number & Password in the columns.
  4. If you want to give a short name to the branch then enter it in the Alias column.
  5. Enter Address, Station, locality and Pincode in the column.
  6. Fill Contact Details of customer i.e., phone/mobile number, email id, contact person etc.
  7. Update GSTIN details of branch and mobile port/users count in the column, if needed.
Reference image:
Branch Master Window
  1. Go to the Additional Details tab.
  2. Here you can select Non-Salable & Hold Location from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter the Licence details of your businesses, For example drug licence.
  4. Click on the Save button.
Reference image:
Additional Details Window

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