Support Policy

Support Policy

All support for our UNISOLVE AND CROSS producs are available online via,e-mail & the courier communications during business hours to all
the clients who have paid AMC in time. Clients has to maintain the backup of
their data while taking on line support from us so clients do not face the
situation of data lost,in case of any Miss-happening.

Personal visits at clients location is available through our dealers of the
respective areas. Therefore if need arise then dealer should be called for
personal visit, Dealer may attend the same on chargeable basis, subject to
availability of manpower.It must be understood that problems may not be sorted
out in a single visit and require more visits to be done, as the same depends
upon various factors like nature of problems or quality of hardware being
used or ability of user and visiting support executive. However clients are
free to contact us in case client does not get proper response from dealer.
Improvement to make software user friendly is routine affair for our products.
We do not provide customized changes in the products.However,specific report
requirement or upgrade can be entertained by us, but only on chargeable basis.
Guidance and support is always extended by our support staff/dealers for
changes in INVOICE formats but specific requirement for getting it done from us
only,will attract charges and has to be paid in advance.Such change in invoice
formats can be delivered with current version and has to be installed/loaded by
the user himself.

Company does not have facility to provide data entry for clients. However
request can be entertained by the dealers/resellers on chargeable basis and
company is not responsible for any such dealing.

Master data base provided in Installation soft copy (CD) of software need to
be checked at clients level. As such data are not part of standard product.
Company does not take any responsibility for accuracy or adequacy of such data.
Company or dealer/support staff provide operational training to users but its
optimum use can only be enjoyed by practice and studying on line help and
knowledge base at our website

Our latest product RETAILGRAPH requires SQL Server.But SQL Express can be used
for small data.

Proper and sufficient data backup is essential as data can be lost due to any
company will neither be responsible nor liable for any loss arising due to data
loss. Clients can always seek our assistance in such case

Please visit and add ticket for your support requirements.
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