The Service Invoice Option is Enabled in Sales Transactions Reports

The Service Invoice Option is Enabled in Sales Transactions Reports

Analysis of sales/purchase data is an essential part of running a retail business. Each retail/wholesale software has a Reports section that helps users to take advantage of it by keeping records in an organized manner. These reports store all types of data associated with sales and purchases involved in a business. And, also lets you filter the data from time to time according to the requirements. It enables you to make well-informed decisions about things like stock ordering, promotion, and staffing, among other things.

In the RetailGraph, you have an option 'Service Invoice'. This option is available on the Sales/Purchase Transactions section of the 'Reports'. The purpose of this feature is to view transaction reports of customers for their sales/purchases. This feature enables you to see the transaction-related information and generate reports accordingly. It gives you a separate section to view the bills you have made for the services. It is the best example that shows how RetailGraph optimizes its services from time to time according to the demand of its customers. In this way, it makes customers' life-hassle free.

You can easily navigate to the option by using the following steps:

1. Click on the Start button and select Reports.
2. Choose Sales Reports OR Purchase Reports.
Select sales reports in retailgraph.

3. Under the Sales/Purchase Reports section, choose Sales Transactions OR Purchase Transactions.
Select sales transactions in retailgraph.

4. To view the transaction-based sales/purchase reports, you can choose the Service Invoice from the Transaction drop-down under the Sales/Purchase tab.
Select sales invoice in retailgraph.



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