Implementing the Today's Calling List in Unisolve

How to Implement Today’s Calling List in Unisolve


How to Implement Today’s Calling List in Unisolve

In this article we have explained you How to implement “Today’s Calling List” in Unisolve. This option is very useful which maintain daily call sheet for calling to our customers to take Orders for Sales. For this please follow some steps as per below:

Step 1:

First you can enable (True) “Today’s Calling List” option through System->System Maintenance->System Parameters->Standard Tab. When you open System Parameters then software required password, Please put “USSC” in password window. Screen as per below: 

Step 2: 

After enable this “Show Calling List”“Customer List” showing in User Master. For this you can modify “Admin” user through Administrator->User List option. After that please selects Customers through “Customer List” which you want to call for Collect Order on Phone. If you want to show this Calling List in particular User when the login software, then please enable “Show Calling List” on that particular User Master. Screen as per below:  

Show Calling List

Step 3: 

After this when User opens software then Customer List (Today’s Calling List) auto open on first screen for calling. When customer called to our client & click on update option then that customer auto hide/save & do not shows in today list. Screen as per below:

Customer List

Step 4:

You can also check this sheet through System->Facilities-> Today’s Calling List. When you check this list through this option then software also shows Last Calling Date, Time & User Name in this sheet. Screen as per below:

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