Learn Prodess for Updation GSTIN Detail in RetailGraph (RG) Software

Update GSTIN Detail

How to Update GSTIN Detail in SwilERP (RetailGraph) Software


In SwilERP, there is an option to update GSTIN details. With this option, you can find two types of details, such as GSTIN details as per the Database or as per GSTIN. Also, you find Customer, Vendor, Accounts, and Branch options to update & view details in the software. The user can compare both database details and update the correct details in software. The correct information will reflect in just the next column of the window.

Note: Make sure that you use an updated version of SwilERP software. For updating software, kindly contact your local service provider or make a ticket on support.swildesk.com.

Start with login in the SwilERP dashboard to initiate the process

  1. Go to the GST Menu> Update GSTIN Detail
Reference image:
SwilERP Dashboard Window

Process to Update the GSTIN Details

  1. A new window for updating GSTIN details will appear in next slide.
  2. Select the option from the Master column:
    1. Customer
    2. Vendor
    3. Accounts
    4. And Branch
  1. You can only view details according to selected option. (For example, you selected customer from the drop-down list)
  2. After that, click on the View option, and all details are reflected on the below screen.
As shown in the below-given screen:

Update GSTIN Detail Window
  1. Here you will see two types of details first column is for DataBase Detail and second column is GSTIN Detail.
  2. Now, if you want to update the correct details in your software, then select the fields.
  3. After selecting fields, click on the Update button to update it.
Reference image:

Select Database Window

  • After updating it, a GSTIN Detail Update Successfully message will appear.
  • Press OK to continue.
  • Reference image:

    Details Update Successfully Message

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