How to Update others Setting through the System Parameters window in SwilERP

Update Other Settings In SwilERP

How to Update others Setting through the System Parameters window

SwilERP Software provides a component to do some other Settings in the "System Parameters" window. In this article, we will explain the uses of the features and the effect of their changes.

Start with Login in the SwilERP dashboard to initiate the process:

  1. Go to the System tab
  2. Select System Maintenance > System Parameters.
Reference Window:
 System ParametersSwilERP Dashboard Window
Note: Here you need to insert the System Parameters password. To know the password, contact your local service provider or generate a ticket on www.swildesk.comAfter inserting the password system parameters window will open.  

Following the below process to update the other settings in the "System Parameters" window:

1.) Basic Salary Formula: 

 The users can enter the % of CTC accordingly to the employee.

2.) Rounding For Salary: 

 Users can decide accordingly in which option the user wants tick mark:
  1. Round Basic Payable
  2. Round Net Salary
Reference Window:

Rounding For Salary

3.) Third Party Integration: 

     In the SwilERP software, users can integrate the many options as per the requirement which will be allowed in the system parameter window: 

     After tick mark the required option select the Save button.
  1. Allow PharmaRack Integration
  2. Allow IMS Integration
  3. Allow iOrder
  4. Allow AWACS Integration
  5. Allow Retailio Integration 
  6. ICICI Bank Integration

Reference Window:
Third Party IntegrationOther Tab Option Window

4.) E-Way Bills: 

The E-Way bill is another major reform under the goods and services Tax (GST) regime for tracking goods movement. Hence if the user wants to enter the minimum E-Way Amount (Inter State & Intra State), they can update and Save these settings in the system parameters window:
  1. Minimum E-Way Amount (Inter State)
  2. Minimum E-Way Amount (Intra State)
  3. You can tick mark in Auto Update E-Invoice 
Reference Window:

E-Way Bills

5.) Customers: 

When the user wants to enter the PAN number and drug license number of the Customer, then users can update these settings from here; many other options are given; you can tick the mark in it also according to your requirements:
  1. Choose the Customer License number for the "PAN number".
  2. Choose the Customer License number from the drop-down list for the "Drug License". 
  3. Check Unique DL of Customer 
  4. Check the Unique Mobile number of the Customer 
  5. Mobile number mandatory in Customer
Reference Window:

6.) Upload:  

The users can update the settings to upload the product's images. And if you want to get OTP at the time of point redemption, you can check mark in the check box and to Save this click on it.

Reference Window:


7.) Other Settings:

 In this window, given many other settings options, according to the user's requirement, you can tick/untick these options and after that Save this window.

Reference Window:

Other Settings

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