How to Upload & Download Masters in Swil Admin

Upload & Download Masters in Swil Admin

How to Upload & Download Masters in Admin Portal

After updating database settings in Swil Admin, data is automatically uploaded to RetailGraph. However, if the created masters do not appear in either Swil admin or RetailGraph, the user can manually upload and download them. The process is simple and involves following a set of steps to ensure the smooth and efficient transfer of data between the two platforms.

Start with login in RetailGraph dashboard to initiate the process

  1. Go to the Options menu of RetailGraph software.
  2. Here you will see Upload Masters to Admin Portal and Download Masters from Admin Portal options.
Reference image:
RetailGraph Dashboard Window
For example, if you've created a user master on admin portal & it will not show in RetailGraph software. Then you can manually download the user master from the given option.
  1. Click on the Download Masters from Admin Portal option to download the data.
  2. A pop-up notification window will appear to Continue the process.
  3. Press Yes to continue.
Reference image:
Download Data Option Window
  1. It will take some time to download the masters according to your data.
  2. After that, Done Successfully notification appears.
Note: You can follow the same process to Upload Masters to Admin Portal from the given option.

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