The User's Guide or Reference for Unisolve Software for Pharmaceuticals

User Manual Guide or Reference document for Unisolve Software for Pharmaceutical

Unisolve is a comprehensive software solution designed for pharmaceutical distributors and stockists. There are many useful options to enter all transactions, generate various reports, analyze your business, and interact with your customers using email or SMS.

Unisolve Software
We keep on adding more features in new versions. Help Menu inside Unisolve gives you access to many documents including a user guide and knowledge base to learn more about the product. Please be assured to learn and explore more options while taking care of warning messages and avoid deleting data or changing masters and/or system parameters.

Know Important Features of Unisolve Software

  1. Multiple Window Open & Multiple Times Software open
  2. Change of Software Background
  3. Font Scale (Screen Size Decrease & Increase)
  4. Zoom In Zoom Out
  5. PDF & Excel Creation
  6. Ctrl+K for Billing Head
  7. F4 Company Wise discount
  8. Purchase Order (Auto)
  9. Convert Sales Return to Sales Credit Notes
  10. Purchase Return (Auto collect Return From Customer)
  11. Purchase Return (Auto collect Godown Expiry Breakage)
  12. GST Transactions
  13. GST Query
  14. GST Report
  15. Reconcile GSTR2 Or GSTR1
  16. Export (Excel & JSON) GSTR3B, GSTR1, GSTR2
  17. E-Way Bill
  18. Update GST Lock Date
  19. Daily Report
  20. Dump Item Report & Non Moving Items
  21. Near-Expiry Goods
  22. Top Analysis (Customer, Product, Supplier)
  23. Non-Transaction Client
  24. Profit Analysis
  25. Comparison of Sales from Current year to last year
  26. Import Account, Balance, Schedule from Last Year
  27. Check Opening Balance Difference
  28. Day Book, Cash & Bank Book
  29. SSOID
  30. H1 Report, NDPS Report:
  31. View Transactions Log
  32. User Rights
  33. Scheme Master Update
  34. User Wise Credit Limit
  35. Attributes
  36. History Option
  37. Export Data To Tally
  38. Help Menu
  39. Query Menu
  40. Export & Import Master
  41. Auto Create Voucher
  42. Bank Reconciliation

Advance Features of Unisolve Software

  1. Email, SMS
  2. Mobile Order, I-Order
  3. Import CSV Files (Sales, Purchase & Credit Debit Notes)
  4. Help Menu
  5. Auto E-Way Bill
Please download the attached PDF document for a general introduction to product features.

Unisolve Software for Pharmaceutical Wholesaler and Stockist

Unisolve software

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