Learn How To View MRP Wise Stock Report In SwilERP

MRP Wise Stock Report

How To View MRP Wise Stock Report In SwilERP

Meaning of MRP wise stock report.

MRP price is a manufacturer's calculated price that Is the highest price that can be charged for a product sold. The MRP-wise stock report provides complete details about a particular stock product. The details include Purchase rate, Sale rate, MRP, also available products name, group names, and so on.


In the SwilERP dashboard go to the Reports section and there is an option for how to view MRP Wise Stock Report.

Login SwilERP software:  
  • Go to the Reports section:- Inventory Details > MRP Wise Stock.

MRP Wise StockDashboard Window

How to view the report:

  • To view, MRP Wise Stock Report follow these steps:- 

  • Go to the Home section.

  • Select the option of Stock As on Date till which you want to view details in your report.

  • If required use the filter on the Product tab. Data selected in the filter are displayed in the report and data that are not selected will be hidden.

  • Now, click on the View tab and a report will be generated, screen as per below:-

view the reportReport Window

How to view the report in Chart:

  1. Convert report into Chart form:-
  • From the Home section. 

  • Select the data to convert into the chart form.

  • Click on the Chart tab. 

Note:- Inside the Chart tab there are many types of charts, i.e. Bar, Area, Column, Line charts, etc. You can change the data to another type of chart if required.
report in ChartChart Window

How to Print And Preview:

  •  To take a Print and Preview of this report:-

       If the user wants to take the printout of this report then they can follow these easy steps:-

  1. Go to the Display section.
  2. Click on the Preview tab when you want to view how your report will appear when printed.
  3. To take a printout click on the Print tab. 
Print And PreviewPrint Window

How to export the report:

  1. To export this report in Excel format:-

        If the user wants to export this report in other formats they can do it by following the below steps:-

  • Select the Display tab.

  • To convert the report into Excel, PDF, XML, or HTML click on the 'T' point and the report will be converted. Screen as per below.

export the reportExport Window

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