How to View Outstanding Statement in SwilERP Pharmacy Software

Outstanding Statement

How to View Outstanding Statement in SwilERP

An Outstanding Invoices statement will display the customer's unpaid invoices at any given time. They can view the partially paid, unpaid invoices and past their due date. You can use this statement to view customers' real-time snapshots of outstanding invoices with your business. SwilERP offers an option to view an outstanding statement of all your sales credit transactions. This statement provides details, including credit notes and excluding credit notes.

Start with Login in SwilERP dashboard to initiate the process

  1. Go to the Accounts> Reports> Outstanding Statement.
Reference image:
SwilERP Dashboard Window

Process to view outstanding statement

A new window will appear in next slide, update the following details to view the statement:
  1. Select the As On Date  to view the details till date.
  2. Now, choose the report type as summary/ detail/ month wise/ day wise in which you want to view the details.
  3. Select the details type as Include Credit Note, Exclude Credit Note or Show Credit Note.
  4. Choose reports As On or Consider Bill Up To.
  5. Select the Refer By as Area Allocation, Customer, and Sales Invoice.
  6. You can also Select and Filter the Account/ Customer/ Refer By.
  7. Tick-Mark on the options at your convenience:
    1. Print/ Preview Reminder
    2. Auto Adjustment
    3. Consider PDC as paid
  1. Fill Over due by days count in the column above which days you want to view the details.

  2. Select the Balance type as Dr/Cr/ All.

  3. Click on the View tab.

Reference image:

Outstanding Statement Window

Here you can view following details in this statement

  1. Account name - You can view customers' name in account column.
  2. Due amount - Due amount of the invoice will show in this column.
  3. Due/Invoice Date - You can view the Invoice and the due date you entered while creating the invoice.
  4. Invoice number- Transactions invoice numbers are shown in this column.
  5. No of Days-  The given time of payment will show in this column.
  6. Overdue Days- Overdue days from the given time will show in this column.
  7. PDC Amt-  If there is any PDC amount, then that will show in this window.
The below-given image for your reference:
Outstanding Statement Window

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