View party-wise cash receipt statement in SwilERP

View Party wise Cash Receipt Statement

How to view Party-Wise Cash Receipt Statement in SwilERP (RetailGraph)

SwilERP software has a feature in which the users can view the party cash receipt statement. If you want to view how much cash has been received from the customers (Party), then it can be viewed with the help of this report. This report can be viewed in the following types:
  1. Summary wise
  2. Detail wise
  3. Month wise
  4. Day wise
In this article, we'll discuss how to view a party-wise cash receipt statement. In this, users can view every party receipt report related to the sales.

Start with Login in the SwilERP dashboard to initiate the process:

  1. Go to the Reports menu
  2. Select Sales Reports > Sales Transaction.
Reference Image:
SwilERP Dashboard Window
  1. "Sales Transaction" window will appear on the next slide to view, the "Party wise Cash Receipt Statement".

How to set the parameters to view the details:

  1. Let's start with the Sales section.
  2. Select the Date Range from where you want to view the report. 
  3. Select the Report Type in which format you see the report. (Summary, Detail, Day wise, Month wise)
  4. Now, select the Transaction type from the drop-down list. 
  5. Click on the Customer tab, and now Customer Filter window will appear. (If you want to view details of selected customers only, then select the customer filter option. 
  6. Here you can select the customer as per your requirement and details will show accordingly.
  7. After selecting the customer, click on  OK
Reference Image:
Sales Section Window
  1. You can also filter the Sales Person/ Series from the given option. 
  2. Select or deselect Invoice Attribute if required. 
  3. Click on the View tab. 
  4. And, here you will see the Party wise Cash Receipt details report.
Reference Image:
Party wise cash receipt Details Window

  Note: This report can also be viewed with the given options of Chart, Area-wise, Station-wise, and Analysis.

To Print and Preview the Report :

  1. Go to the Display option. 
  2. Click on the Print and Preview option to print your report.
Reference Image:
Print & Preview Window

To Export the File in Excel Format: 

  1. Go to the Display section. 
  2. Click on the ''T'' button, and there, you'll see the options to convert your report into an excel file. 

Reference image: 

Export Window

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