Learn How to view Product List MRP Wise Report In SwilERP

Product List MRP Wise Report

How To View Product List MRP Wise Report In SwilERP

Meaning Of Product List MRP Wise Report.

The Product List MRP Wise Report is an option for users to view details with MRP such as- products name, batch number, expiry date, purchase rate, sale rate, lot number, etc. If the users want to apply a filter in this report, they can do it in the "Product" tab. By doing this, data selected in the filter are displayed in the report, and data that are not selected will be hidden. 


In the SwilERP software, there is an option to view this report in the Reports section.

To view the report of Product List MRP Wise do follow these steps:-
  • From the dashboard Go to the Reports section:- After that select Inventory Details > Product List MRP Wise.

Product List MRP WiseSwilERP Dashboard Window

To view the report:

  1. How can view this report:-
  1. Go to the Home tab.

  2. If users want to view this report as Barcode wise, then enter the Barcode number.

  3. Select Lot/Manufacturer if the user wants to view the details of a particular manufacturer and Lot wise.

  4. Enter the Color/Batch/MRP details, if required.

  5. Now click on the View tab.

Report Window

How to Print and Preview:

  1. To Print and Preview your Reports:-
  • Go to the Display section.

  • Click on the Print and Preview option to print your report.

Print and PreviewPrint and Preview Report Window

How can convert the report into excel format:  

  1. To convert the report into Excel:-
  • Go to the Display tab.

  • Click on the 'T' point then select the option in which you want to view your report.

convert the report into excel formatExport Report Window

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