Warehouse Management Overview

Warehouse Management Overview


This article covers various aspects of warehouse management using flowcharts, including purchasing and inbound processes, shelf refilling, location refilling, truck sales, branch transfers, order booking, return of expired products, manufacturing overview, and inventory management.

Purchase Order 1 - Order Book

The process starts with checking the inventory status in software. Then, select the products you need to order and generate a purchase order. Final step, send the purchase order to the vendor.

Purchase Order Book

Warehouse Management 1.1 - Purchasing & Inbound (Goods Received)

The process begins with a purchase order, which triggers the creation of a goods received note (GRN) when the goods arrive. After quality checks are performed, the goods are put away in the appropriate storage location and updated in the inventory system.

Goods Received

Warehouse Management 1.2 - Purchasing & Inbound (Skipping Quality Check)

The process starts with a purchase order, leading to the creation of a goods received note (GRN) upon the goods' arrival. The goods are then stored in the appropriate location and updated in the inventory system.

Goods Received

Warehouse Management 1.3 - Shelf Refilling

The provided flowchart depicting the process of how short inventory on shelves is identified, then restocked through various forms, with the final step marking the inventory status as "In Stock" and completing the loop.

Shelf Refiling

Warehouse Management 1.4 - Location Refilling/ Truck Sales

The below given diagram shows how inventory is tracked and moved between different locations, including trucks. Location refilling is the process of moving inventory from one location to another. This is done when the inventory in one location is low and needs to be replenished from another location.
Truck Sales or Shelf Refiling

Warehouse Management 1.5 - Branch Transfer

The process shows how inventory is transferred from a short inventory location to inventory available location. The short inventory location is where items are stored that are not yet available for sale. With the branch transfer option, we have the ability to relocate inventory from one location to another.

Branch Transfer

Purchase Expiry Return 2 - Return Expired Products

The process involves inventory management and the collection of expiry data, including steps such as collecting expired data, transferring items to non-saleable stock, and managing purchase returns within SwilERP.

Expiry Return

Product Conversion 2.1

The product conversion flow shows multiple recipes that are used to convert the input products into the output product.

Product Conversion

Overview of Manufacturing

  1. Purchase Order for Raw Material
  2. Recipe- Product Conversion
  3. Inventory Location Transfer
  4. Branch Transfer
  5. Barcode Generation
  6. Location Management
    1. Warehouse
    2. Quality Check
    3. Damaged
    4. Raw Material
    5. In Transit
    6. Hold
  7. Return Management
  8. Inventory Reconciliation

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