What are required settings in Quickheal for Unisolve and Cross ?

What are required settings in Quickheal for Unisolve and Cross ?

First of all, Antivirus software must be updated. Now in Quickheal Total Security V 17:

Please select following options step by step:

Internet & network
Firewall protection
Advanced settings

You will see network connections, names can be different
Broadband connection

Select network profile WORK

You will see Network Prodile Settings on the same page
Work - Stealth mode OFF
Work - File & Print sharing ON

Save changes

Above process should set Quick heal for proper use. Similar process should be available in most of anti-virus software. If you still face problems or unable to follow above process, you can exclude Unisolve exe and data folders from virus checking using following process:

Files and folders
Exclude files & folders
Select folder
Include subfolder - Yes

Exclude from

Virus detection
Behaviour detection


Save changes

Similarly you can exclude ports being used for report server, using following process:

Internet & Network
Firewall Protection
Click on Settings icon

Advanced settings

It will display Traffic Rules

Please enter Exception Name SWIL
select TCP. 

It will display Local IP Address
select Any IP Address

Enter Specific Ports.  81, 82 (Ports defined in Company/Principal master)

It will display Remote IP Address
Select Any IP address

It will display Remote TCP/UDP Port
Enter Specific Ports.  81, 82 (Ports defined in Company/Principal master)

Select Action

Network Profile
Public (for mobile app)


You may take help from hardware vendor or anti-virus software user guide to do similar settings in other anti-virus software.

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