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            How to Install Last Patch in RetailGraph

            How to Install Last Patch in RetailGraph

            Now in RetailGraph you have option to download the latest patch.

            With the help of this option you can download the software latest version time to time.


            This process will work only if you have RetailGraph or later version.


            To run the process please follow the steps given below.

            Steps -

             - Login in RetailGraph Software.

            - Click START button- Help- Download latest patch

            After running the option the process will start.

            Your software will auto logout and the version will auto update.


            Now if you are running RetailGraph on multiple computers to update the version on them, Please follow the steps given below.


            For this process you need to specify your server path in System Default inPath to update”


            Note this is one time process to define path of update.



            To go in system default go to START- Options- System Default

            This process will update your server and nodes and auto logout the software.

            We are regularly updating beta version, And if you want to download the same then you can download from the following link.




            Updated: 12 Nov 2018 08:59 PM
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