How to Auto Generate e-Invoice in Unisolve Software

Generate Auto E-Invoice

How to Generate Auto E-Invoice in the Unisolve Software

What is E-Invoicing?

'E-invoicing' or 'electronic invoicing' is a system in which B2B invoices are authenticated electronically by GSTN for further use on the common GST portal. An e-invoice, or electronic invoice, is a digital document that is exchanged between a supplier and buyer and validated by the government tax portal. E-invoicing is the proposed system where business-to-business (B2B) invoices are digitally prepared in an e-invoicing format and authenticated by the Goods and Services Tax Network. This system ensures that all businesses follow a standard format before reporting invoices to the GST portal. 

E-Invoice Applicability for Businesses

With new updates under GST from 1st August 2023, e-invoicing will be applicable for businesses with a turnover exceeding 5 crores. In the current phase, e-invoice is applicable for businesses with a turnover exceeding 10 crores from 1st October 2022 & turnover exceeding 20 crores from 1st April 2022.

The E-Invoicing facility has been incorporated in Unisolve Software:

To Generate the Auto E-Invoice, follow the below steps:-
Note: Before doing this process, your Unisolve Software should be updated to the new version.
  1. First Step is download SwilService Zip File:

  1. After that, unzip the file. Then copy the SwilService folder where the software's data is saved.

As per below screen:

  • After that open the SwilService folder, here 2 folders will be shown:

1. win-x64 -For Windows 64 Bit
2. win-x86 -For Windows 32 Bit
  1. Now, select and open the folder according to your operating system configuration, like 64bit and 32bit. Then copy all the files and paste them into the swill service folder.
How can users check system configuration?
To check your PC configuration:
  1. Right-click on This PC icon.
  1. Then select Properties and right-click on it.

Reference Window:

Now, start with Unisolve dashboard to initiate the process:                

  1. Go to the System tab .
  1. Select the System Maintenance > System Parameter.

Reference Window:

Note: After that, a pop-up window will appear, and enter the password "USSC" in it .
  • Follow the below-given steps to enter the SwilService Folder Path:                   

  1. Firstly, select the Account tab in the the system parameter window.
  1. Scroll the window and select the value column of SwilService Folder Path .
  1. After select it a pop-up window will open, enter the SwilService Folder Path in it.( where you save your Swilservice folder, from to there you have to select of Swilservice path).

Reference Window:

  1. In the system parameter window, click on the Ok button and the Path will be updated.
  1. Now, click on Ok button and a new pop-up window will appear, enter the password "USSC" in it. For save system parameter.
Reference Window:

Note:- If Client using Software on Lan (Multi User) then please mention SwilService path in System Parameter -> Accounts Tab as "\\ashish\G\US" instead of "G:\US". (\\Computer Name\Drive Name\Folder Name).

  1. After that how to view Auto E-Invoice Registration information:

  1. Go to the GST tab.
  1. Select Generate E-Invoice > Registration(Swil Auto).
Reference Window: 

Note :   After that, a new pop-up window will appear:
  1. User ID: Please enter your E-Invoice website User ID, which provided by Government.
  1. Password: Please enter your E-Invoice website Password, which provided by Government.

Reference Window:-

  1. Before starting of E-Invoice working, please check whether the following options are correctly updated or not in your Company/Customer/Product Master:
  1. HSN No ( Mandatory):  Set HSN for products according to GST Portal in your Product Master.  
  1. Station/State (Mandatory):  Mention the correct Station and State name.
  1. Pin Code (Mandatory):  Please check & update the Pin Code in your Company Information & also check & update the Customer's Pin code in your Customer Master (It should be written without space).
  1. Mobile No (Optional):  Please check & update the Mobile No. in your Company Information & also check & update the Customer's Mobile No. in your Customer Master ( If mentioned, it should be written with ten digits without any special character).
  1. E-Mail ID(Optional):  Please check & update the E-Mail id in your Company Information & also check & update the Customer's E-Mail ID in your Customer Master (If mentioned, it should properly connect with "@").
  1. To Generate E-Invoice in Unislove:

  1. Go to the GST tab.
  1. Select the Generate E-Invoice > Sales Invoice (Auto).

Reference Window:-

  • Following the below process to generate an E-Invoice:

  1. Select the Date Range 'From to To.'
  1. Select the Customer tab, if you want to view the invoices to the particular customer. If you want to upload & generate an E-Invoice  JSON file for the Whole Day (as per the given Date Range) then do not leave it blank in Customer Name & press Show Details .
  1. Select the Tax Type , if required.
  1. In the Upload tab, select the "Pending"  option, and invoices will show accordingly. 
  1. You can apply a filter in the  Salesman and Series tab.
  1. Tick mark in that invoice of which you want to generate auto E-invoices.
  1. Now, click on Upload E-Inv.(SWIL) option, and auto E-Invoice  will be generated.
Reference Window:

  • How to upload E-Invoice on Government Portal :

After generating the JSON file, you need to upload the same file to the government website. To upload, click on the Upload E-Inv. (SWIL) , and a pop-up window will open, enter the Captcha code and click on the Log-in option, and the file will be uploaded automatically.

Reference Window:-

  • How to view the auto generated E-Invoice number:

After uploading the JSON file on the government site, the user wants to view the auto-generated E-way bill, then follow the below given steps:
  1. Go to the GST.
  1. Select the  E-Invoice > Sales Invoice (Auto).
  1. Select the Date-Range in between which you have generated the auto E-Invoice number.
  1. To view the uploaded E-Invoice number select the " Uploaded"  option in Upload tab.
  1. Now you can see the auto-generated  E-Invoice  details .

Reference Window:-

  1. How to take Printout/Preview of E-Invoice bill:

You can  also  print IRN No, Ack. No. & QR Code on your Invoice Format. For  printing  this   you can  use  the following variables in your existing Invoice Formats. 

First Line:  PrintQRCode := .t. &  GridLine :=1

Grid Line: {|| AAdd ( BarPoints ,{10,18,2,6,"","TRUE",65,"TRUE"})}

To Print IRN No.:  mewayirn

To Print Ack. No.:   mewayackno

Reference Window:-


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