How to Maintain Supply Bill for Exempted Items for E-invoice in RetailGraph Software

Bill of Supply for Exempted items in E-Invoice

                         Bill of Supply for Exempted items in E-Invoice

RetailGraph has featured a new option Bill of Supply (Exempted items) in E-Invoice. Now, you can find new fields All, Taxable, and Exempted options in the transactions series. 

Introduction of E-Invoice

An E-Invoice or electronic invoicing is a scheme in which B2B invoices are authenticated electronically by GSTN for further use on the Government side of GST. As per governments' rules, the e-invoicing system will get extended to those annual aggregate turnovers of more than Rs. 20 crore up to Rs. 50 crore starting from 1st April 2022 vide notification no. 1/2022.

To know more information about e-invoices go throughout on the below-given link: 

What is a Bill of Supply? 

A bill of supply is issued by when selling exempted goods in the same way, it is issued instead of a tax invoice in case a registered person supplies exempted goods or services. 

In RetailGraph, the bill of supply option is applicable on the followings transactions series
  1. Sales Invoice
  2. Sales Challan
  3. Sales Credit Note
  4. Sales Debit Note
  5. Purchase Debit Note

How to create a Transaction Series

To apply the bill of supply first you have to make transaction series in your software. There you will see the newly added fields All, Taxable, and Exempted you've to select these options to create a particular series.

Here is the below-given process that needs to be followed to create a series:
  1. Open the RetailGraph Home page and Go to the Transaction Series.
  2. Masters> Others> Transaction Series. 

transaction series in retailgraph.

After that, a new window of transaction series will appear.
  1. Click on the New tab to create a new series.
  2. Then, Enter the Transaction Name in which you want to create a series i.e. sales invoice, sales challan, sales credit note, sales debit note, and purchase debit note.
  3. Enter the Name of series. ( For example, you've entered BOS)
  4. Enter the series Starting Number.
  5. Select Location and Billing Rate.
  6. If you want to add Descriptions and Document name then, enter them in a dialog box.
  7. Now, select the options in which Series will be applied on:
    1. In case selection of "All" in series, All products will show in the transaction.
    2. In case selection of "Taxable" in series, Only taxable products will show in transactions that have a tax rate of More Than Zero in master.
    3. In case selection of "Exempted" in series, Only taxable products will show in transactions that have a tax rate of Zero in master.
  1. Tick Mark on the options that you need to be allowed in this series.
  2. Save the window with the above-given option of saving.
(Note: Kindly fill in all the mandatory fields that are showing with a red star mark)

Select exempted in retailgraph.

Series selection of Bill of Supply

After creating the series, the second thing will do is add a bill of supply. Here is the following point in which you can select the series in convert challan to invoice, convert order to invoice, and convert order to challan options.

These are the steps for Convert Order to Invoice:
  1. Go to the Sales> Convert order to invoice section.
  2. Select the Customer Name from the dropdown list.
  3. Now, select the Invoice Series from the list.
  4. Select Bill Of Supply series.
  5. Click on the Order Detail or Product Detail, Then a Pop-up window will appear tick mark on the product which you want to convert into an invoice.
  6. And, click on the Convert tab given on top of the right side.
For an example,
Condition 1: If you select the Invoice series of "All" and bill of supply series, then all the products order convert according to the selected invoice series.
Condition 2: If you select invoice series "Taxable" and bill of supply series, then all the products order convert according to the selected invoice series.

Convert order to invoice.

Note: Go to the convert challan to invoice and convert order to challan window, Do follow the above-given process for the same.

In the case of Clear Order\Clear Challan, only products will come according to the sales invoice series.

  1. To view products according to their sales invoice series do follow these steps
  2. Go to the Sales Invoice.
  3. Enter the Customer name whose you created the order.
  4. Select the Entry Number as "All or Exempted" ( For example, you selected Exempted).
  5. Click on the Clear Order tab and there you will see all the products under exempted series.
Note: From the same process you can view the products in a clear challan window if you have any pending challan to clear.

Clear order window in retailgraph.

In the condition of Import Sales invoice through export/import data

  1. To Import a sales invoice do follow the below-given instructions.
  2. Go to the Export/Import Data section.
  3. Select the Import Transaction tab.
  4. Select the format of your file as it's an XML file or CSV file.
  5. Enter the Transaction series sales invoice.
  6. Now, Enter the Entry Number of the "All, Taxable, and Exempted" products series.
  7. Enter the Customer Name and click on the Ok tab.
Kindly Note - In the case of Import sales invoice through Export\Import Transaction if taxable series selected in the same, exempted product will not be imported and vice versa. Not imported product detail will show in the header remark.

Import transaction in retailgraph.

Import Excel in Sales Invoice

  1. To import details in sales invoice through the excel follow these steps.
  2. Go to the Sales Invoice section.
  3. Enter the Customer Name.
  4. Click on the right tab of your mouse and select the Import From Excel option.
  5. Select a File from your system.
  6. If you selected the "All" transaction series, then all products will be imported but if the "Taxable" series is selected in the same, exempted products will not be imported.
  7. There will be showing error while saving the invoice if your transactions series and products series are different.

Taxable items not allowed window.

Generate E-Invoice Bills

In the case of uploading an E-Invoice, if 'All' is selected in series then the value of Exempted products goes to other charges. Bill of supply transaction will not be uploaded as E-Invoice.

To Generate an e-invoice do follow these steps:
  1. Go to the GST section to generate an invoice.
  2. Then, click on Generate E-Invoice Bills (Auto)> generate E- Invoice bill.
Generate e-invoice bills in retailgraph.

A Generate E-Invoice window will appear in the next slide:
  1. Select the Date Range "From" to "To".
  2. Enter the Transaction series as Sales Invoice.
  3. Click on the View tab.
  4. Then, select the Bills whose you want to create an E-Invoice.
  5. Click on the Generate E- Invoice.
E-invoice bill generation in retailgraph.

Bills of Supply are only allowed in case of state code is 99

If the user wants to generate bills of supply E-Invoice, then they have to enter the state code "99" after that only allowed For export.
  1. Go to the State Section.
  2. Select the customers' state and click on the Edit option.
  3. Now, enter the state code "99".
  4. Save the Page.
State code selection window.

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