The SwilERP schedule can be created in several ways

Create Schedule for Generic Name

How to create schedule in SwilERP 

During the creation of a generic name, there is an option to select Schedule. A schedule indicates the product's drug name in which your product is  prescribed. Users can also define their schedule by given them color code. You can create schedule name while creating generic name, and also create it separately from schedule option in master data section. 
''For Example, Peracetam Tablets is a Generic Name and its schedule H prescription drug caution.'' 

In pharmacy sector, generic and schedule name is important while creating medicine for do their salt management. Do follow the below-given instructions to create a schedule name. 

  1. Open the SwilERP dashboard in System Section:
    1. Go to Master data> Product information> Schedule.

ScheduleSwilERP Dashboard Window

How to create Generic Schedule Name 

  1. A new window of schedule creation will appear in next slide:
    1. Enter the Schedule Name which you want to create.
    2. Enter the Description name if you want to add in schedule name. 
    3. Schedule your Color with the given-option.
    Schedule Creation Window

    Schedule Color of your Product

    1. Users can manage their products by scheduling color. This option is used for categorizing products and also viewing them by color. On the same window, click on schedule color, select the color you want to choose for the product, and press OK.
    2. And the Last step, Save the page.
      Below-given image is for your reference: 
      Schedule Color Window

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