How to Change Gmail Settings to send Mails through Our Software

How to Change Gmail Settings to send Mails through Our Software

Hello Everyone,

Important notification for you. 

Last 2-3 days onwards our client-facing mail related issue. Our Software generates mails properly but didn't send them because Google does not allow this & Gmail removed "Less Secure" option through the settings.

To solve this issue, please done some new settings. We have shared settings as per the following:

Step 1: Open your Gmail & press on your Gmail photo which shows on the right upper side of the URL. After that press on "Manage your Google Account" option. Screen as per below: 

Step2: After that system opens a new window to changed the settingsNow click on Security tab, then system opens Security Settings. 

Firstly if you do not do "2-Step Verification" earlier, then please do it first.

After that press on the "App Passwords" option which exists below for 2-Step Verification. Screen as per below:

Step3: When you press on the "App passwords" then system asked your Gmail password. Please enter your Gmail password. Screen as per below:

Step4: After that system opens a new window "App passwords". Please select other "(Custom Name)" in Select App. Screen as per below:

Then please mention the Name which you want (Like: US, Unisolve, etc.) in this window. & press on Generate button. Screen as per below:

After that system opens a new window & generates a Password in a Yellow Color box. Please copy or note down this password. Screen as per below: 

Step5After that please paste or enter this password in the mail setup window which exists in the "Mail Schedule"Mail Schedule option is available in "Utility-> EMail/SMS System (Beta)" menu. Screen as per below:

After that, The Software will start to send your emails. 

Please check your Mail related issue is solved or not. If you facing any issues please make a Ticket on with mention your Anydesk  ID No. & after connect our SWIL Executive you can also start chatting on Anydesk.

If you require support please read:  How to get online support (Guide & Video)

Please download our Latest Patch of Unisolve Software. For download last patch please read: How to Download Last Patch (Guide)

For more details, please make a ticket at



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