Unisolve &Cross: How to Delete Index Files

How to Delete Index Files in Unisolve Cross


How to Delete Index Files when software not run & showing Errors

In this Article, We have explained you "How to Delete Index Files to Re-Run Indexing" when showing any Error at the time of run our Company & not open our Company in Unisolve/Cross

When due to any error our Company not open & showing some error then many times it's Indexing related issue. Due to corrupt Index software showing these types of errors. 

It's solution is very easy. We have provided a "Del. Index" button at the bottom side of Company Table, You can also press F10 key (Delete Index) for same. When you press this then software ask a question "Delete Indexes of Company..... Yes/No"Press on Yes button then software delete Index files. Screen as per below:

Delete Indexes of Company

After that when you run your Company then software first run Indexing option before open any other option. 

After that run your software & check your issue already solved it or not, if not then please make a reply again on your Ticket with your Anydesk  ID No. & after connect our SWIL Executive you can also start chat on Anydesk.

If you require support please read:  How to get online support (Guide & Video)

To avail this facility, Please download our Latest Patch of Unisolve Software. For download last patch please read: How to Download Last Patch (Guide)

For more details, please make a ticket at swildesk.com.





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