Installing GST Version Unisolve-Cross 16.2

How to Install GST Version Unisolve-Cross 16.2

Step-1: Please download the latest GST software using the following links:

After installation, you can download the latest patch from Help menu-Download last patch option.

Step-2: Please Take Proper Backup through System->Data Backup->Daily Backup option. Please also take manual backup using following command: <DriveName>\Us Folder\Data Dir Pkzip Data *.dbf *.cdx *.imp). Please take backup for last 4 Years or more. Please copy Data in Different Location or some External Device also (Like: Pen Drive/External Hard Disk).

Step-3: Please Run Setup as Administrator Rights through 16.2.12 Version Folder. Installed 16.2 new exe with New Folder Name. (Like: US162 Folder Name) Please change Start in Path on new Unisolve Icon as per old Program Icon). In the case of multiple users, it’s better to run the setup on each node for better speed of software. Define path as \\ComputerName\DriveName\FolderName . Do not map a network drive and do not use NET USE command for printing.

Step-4: Please take the 16.2 Version Password through CRM. (Use Registration Information Form).

Step-5: Please Run Software first time - run as Administrator. Please modify Company Information & define proper State in State Column and update GSTIN. For a multi-user environment with dedicated server option, modify company master on server and update server IP Address. Define different port in each company. For multi-principal, define different port name in each principal. Run multiple exe on the server to select different company/different principal. It will speed up reports. See Help Menu->Checklist and follow the sam

Step-6: Run Current Year Company, update data and check following steps. If you have time, Please check & update Last two Years Data in the new version now or do it later. You have to update password using Update Registration Link on Backup window at the start of software (after selecting company).

Step-7: Please Try to create a sales invoice, modify invoice and print invoice. Check Invoice Format File Name, Page Width, Page Length & Printing. If the system is showing error on Print screen, please run following two commands from Administrator Login in the system:

On 32 Bit Systems: C:\Windows\System32 (type System64 if your system is 64 Bit) >Regsvr32 MSCOMCTL.OCX

On 32 Bit Systems: C:\Windows\System32 (type System64 if your system is 64 Bit)>Regsvr32 MSCOMCT2.OCX

Step-8: Please run SMB2 Setup. (Windows 7 & Higher Machines).

Step-9: If the system is asking for Printer selection every time when you give any print, Please check following to solve it:
a. Please select "Text" on Tran Format option in User Master. Please select "Graphics" for laser formats.
b. Set Printer as Default Printer in Device & Printers option.
c. Please remove Printer Port Name if exists in System Parameters or Print Options Window.

Step-10: Please Run SwilSetup for installation of Dot Net. Required for generating GST forms.

Please run VFPOLDEDB Setup. Required for generating Query based reports.

You can  download full swil setup to avoid above steps.

If you need support, please read:

Unisolve softwrae

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