How to Print Bank UPI QR Code for Payment in Unisolve Cross

How to Print Bank UPI QR Code for Payment in Unisolve Cross

How to Print Bank UPI QR Code in Unisolve Cross

UPI Id: UPI is a banking system for money transfers on payment apps.

In this article, we have explained to you How to print Bank UPI QR Code for received payment in Unisolve & Cross. 

If you print your Bank UPI Id QR Code on your Invoice Format, then your Customer able to do your Invoice Value payment with scans this UPI QR Code through any Payment Apps. (Like Paytm, Google Pay, Bhim App etc.) 

When your customer scans this UPI QR Code, then Customer’s Payment App directly showing your Bank Account with Invoice Value. Screen as per below: 

Unisolve Invoice Format: 

Cross Invoice Format:

For print your Bank UPI QR codes on Invoice Format please do following steps:

Step1: Install Latest Patch of Unisolve/Cross.

Step2: Enter your Bank UPI id & UPI (Bank Account) Name in Company Information. Screen as per below:

Step3: For printing your Bank UPI QR Code on your Laser Invoice Format. you can use the following variables in your existing Laser Invoice Formats. 

First Line: Printupi:=.t. & GridLine:=1

Grid Line: {||AAdd(BarPoints,{85,105,34,41, "Size12.Bmp","TRUE",60,,"TRUE"})}

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