Follow Easy Steps to View the Product list by Name or Code in SwilERP.

Product (Name/ Code Wise) List

How to View Product (Name/ Code Wise) List in SwilERP

In SwilERP users can view their Product List with the option of Product Information, you can also add a new product and edit the previous one. There is an option to view the product list name-wise or code-wise.

These are step-by-step instructions to view the list
  1. From the dashboard in System section:
    1. Go to Master Data> Product Information> Product (Name/ Code wise).

Product InformationSwilERP Dashboard Window
  1. After that, you'll see the Product List in a new window:
    1. If you want to add a new product then click on the New option.
    2. To edit a product click on the option of Edit.
    3. Click on the Print option to print the List.
    4. There is also an option of Delete, also if required. 
Product List Product List Window
Reference Article: How to Create Product Master
  1. To Edit a Product:

    1. Click on the Edit option.
    2. Now, Edit and Update the details which you want to do in Product, Additional Details, Lot Details, and Image columns. 
    3. Click on the Save option to save your details. 
Edit optionEdit Details Window

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