Unisolve-Cross GST related changes implemented

Implementation of GST related Changes in Unisolve-Cross

Please download and read the attached file to implement GST related changes. You can go to System->GST Updates menu and try all options in sequence one by one to understand the same. Please do not try change rates option unless you understand it and running it, again and again, will put you in trouble; You will have to rectify all rates manually. 

Please make sure that you do not modify tax code in the product directly. Please update HSN, then update tax code in HSN master (if required) and then run Update Sales Tax code using HSN or Update Purchase Tax code using HSN option.

Please make sure that you have downloaded 16.2.17 or later version.

How to Install GST Version Unisolve-Cross 16.2

As GST is implemented from July 1 st 2017, you are requested to upgrade your software Cross/UNISOLVE to version 16.2 and follow the steps suggested in this communication. This version will help you do an invoice on 1 st July according to new GST tax regime. You will have to load update on a regular basis for filing GST returns & closing stock Performa GST TRAN-1. It will enable you to file GST returns directly integrated into your software menu. GST is not a change only for the tax system; rather, it is expected to change the business style. You are requested to discuss

with your fellow businessmen, tax consultant and trade association to keep you updated with required changes and let us know about required updates.

How to file GST Returns

Version 16.2 provides many more improvements other than GST, and we have dispatched ‘SeedhiBaat’ booklet for the same. You have to run following steps from System->GST Updates menu

Update GST Tax Master: Please run “Update GST Tax Master” option through System->GST Updates . This

the option creates new GST Tax types, default invoice formats, HSN Master and default HSN codes in product master.

You can view Tax Master. Please do not make any change unless you are sure about it.

You can view HSN Master and add more HSN Codes as per your requirement.

Update product HSN Code. You will see that we have defined GST05, GST18, GST00 in product master as HSN

Code. They are not correct HSN code and are updated only for the purpose of applying proper tax as per the GST regime. You will have to use this option to select proper HSN code and update it in all products. If you do not find HSN in this master, you will have to add the same manually. For invoicing purpose, only four-digit HSN codes are required and using this option; you can update the same in multiple products at the same time. For 5% and 28% taxable products, you need to modify and update HSN in each product. Only then the correct tax will be charged on the invoice.

How to update HSN Code in Unisolve-Cross

Please make sure to check tax in all products, invoices to avoid any errors. We do not take any responsibility for

correct tax code or HSN codes; you have to do it yourself.

Following steps are required to be taken after completing all non GST transactions. It will help you in updating tax codes in all products as per HSN. So update HSN as per step 4 before proceeding to follow steps.

Update Product Sales Tax Using HSN – After Completing old sales.

Update Product Purchase Tax Using HSN – After Completing old purchases.

You can use change sales rates/change purchase rates option if required.

You must update your own GSTIN in company master and update GSTIN for all customers, suppliers and

update HSN for all products.

You will be able to take GST input for other purchases of service and consumable/capital goods in your business.

Please use Accounts->GST Entries menu to enter such transactions.

For any of your support requirements, please feel free to visit swildesk.com and add a ticket for support. You can contact your local service provider as well.

How to get online support

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