Learn How to View the Product Party/Purchase Wise report in SwilERP

Product Party Wise Report

How To View Product Party Wise Report In SwilERP

Describe the meaning of the Product Party/Purchase Wise report?

In this report, the user can view all the details related to all Purchased items. When the buyer wants to view how much purchased total products from which vendors in their store then they can generate a product party-wise purchase report. This report shows the details of products purchased, party name, quantity, entry date, total amount, etc.

When the user wants to view this report in SwilERP software, go to the Reports section and users can view their Product Party Wise report.

To know more about the Purchase Invoice go to the below-given link:

Select Product Party Wise from Purchase Reports Under Reports :

  1. Open the SwilERP dashboard and go to the Reports menu:- 
  2. Purchase Reports > Product Party Wise.
Product Party Wise.Dashboard Window

How to view the report:

  1. Open the Product Party Wise screen:-
  1. Go to the Product Area section.
  2. Enter the Date Range 'From' to 'To'.
  3. Select the Report Type which you want from below given options:-
    1. Summary
    2. Detail
    3. Month Wise
    4. Day Wise
    5. Monthly
    6. Quarterly
    7. Cumulative
  4. If required, select Series and Invoice Attribute.
  5. In the Product, Sales Person, and Vendor tabs, users can apply filters there as per the requirements.
  6. Finally, click on the View tab.
Product AreaReport Window

How to convert report:

  1. How to convert reports into Charts or Graphs effectively:-
           Follow the below-given steps on how to convert a report into a chart form:
  1. In the Product Area section.
  2. Select the data or any column in the report to convert it into chart form.
  3. Now, click on the Chart tab.
  4. Under the Chart tab, there are many chart options given. Users can select any of these as per their requirements.
convert reportChart Report Window

How to Preview and Print report:

  1. Preview and Print report:-
  • Select the Display section.

  • Click on the Preview and Print tab to take a printout of your report.

Preview and Print reportPrint & Print Window

How to Export report:

  1. To Export report into Excel format:-
    Export the report which is currently displayed on your screen. Follow these easy steps to convert the report into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet:    
  1. Go to the Display section.
  2. Click on the 'T' point.
  3. Select one of the export formats:
    1. Excel 
    2. Text
    3. PDF
    4. XML
    5. HTML
    6. RTF
    7. Advance Options
Export reportExport Report Window

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