Learn View, Print, and Export Supplier Group Wise (Extra) Report in SwilERP

Supplier Group Wise (Extra) Report

How To View Supplier Group Wise (Extra) Report In SwilERP

Meaning of Supplier Group Wise report? 

In this report, users can view all the details related to the purchase. When you add vendors while creating purchase invoices or in the vendor master window, all vendors name can be viewed in this report. Also, invoice number, entry date, total quantity purchased, and amount of products can be viewed in this report.

In the SwilERP dashboard there is an option in the Reports section how to view Supplier Group Wise Report. 

To know more about the Purchase Invoice go to the below-given link:

Select Supplier Group Wise (Extra) from Purchase Reports Under Reports :


Log in SwilERP dashboard:
  1. Go to the Reports menu:-
  2. Select Purchase Reports > Supplier Group Wise (Extra).
Supplier Group WiseDashboard Window

How to view the report:

  1. After following the above steps, the next window will appear:-
          Follow the below-given steps to generate the report:-
  1. Select the Area Product section.
  1. Enter the Date Range 'From' to 'To'.
  1. In Report Type, the user will select the options as per the requirement i.e. summary, detail, month-wise, day-wise, monthly, quarterly, and cumulative.
  1. Select Series and Invoice Attribute, if required.
  1. If required Use a filter on the Product/Sales Person and Vendor tab. Data selected in the filter are displayed in the report and data that are not selected will be hidden.
  1. Click on the View tab and a report will be generated.
view the reportReport Window

Report view in Chart form:-

  1. To report convert in Chart form:-
The chart is a graphic representation of the data. There are many chart types, i.e. Bar, Area, Column, Line, etc, you can change the data to another type of chart if required.
  1. From the Area Product section.
  2. Select data or any column to convert into the chart.
  3. Click On the Chart > Recommended Charts.
Chart Report Window

To Print and Preview report:

  1. How to take Preview and Print this report:-
    If the user wants to take the printout of this report then they can follow these easy steps:-
  1. Go to the Display section.
  1. Click on the Preview tab when you want to view how your report will appear when printed.
  1. To take a printout click on the Print tab.
Print and Preview reportPrint and Preview Report

To Export report in Excel:

  1. How to Export report into Excel format:-
         Export the report which is currently displayed on your screen, follow the below-given steps:- 
  1. Go to the Display section.
  2. Click on the 'T' point.
  3. Inside the 'T' point select one of the export formats as per requirement:-
    1. Excel
    2. Text
    3. PDF
    4. XML
    5. HTML
    6. RTF
    7. Advance Options      
Export report in ExcelReport Export Window

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