How do I file GST Returns using Unisolve_Cross?

How to file GST Returns with Unisolve_Cross ?

Please download the latest patch: How to Download new patch for Unisolve-Cross

Please generate a GST Tax Summary from GST Menu. If you find any discrepancy, please read How to rectify the data mismatch in the tax summary?

Please see the notes at the end of GSTR1 figures and sheets.

GST Returns are to be filed as per the following:

Aug 20 GSTR 3B for July 2017 and so on for every month till Dec 2017.
Oct 10  GSTR1 July 2017
Oct 31  GSTR2 July 2017
Nov 30 TRAN1 for Stocks as on June 30, 2017

*First priority option*
Govt has provided offline tools for R1 upload and if you want to see R1/R2 details from software or get an excel sheet for upload to GSTN, we may provide the same for Rs 2000 per annum. Now we recommend this option based on our experience with the other two options given below, even though we are not tax experts and cannot guarantee the accuracy or sufficiency of R1/R2 generated by our software.  

For R2 reconciliation and upload JSON to GSTN, please read the following article:

Please download the following PDF file

You may read the following article for GSTR 1 : 

You can generate GSTR 3B and export it to excel. You can use this file to see figures and enter the same online on GSTN. Another better option is to export the GSTR 3B JSON file and upload the same on GSTN. It will avoid typing errors and save time.

You have to file TRAN 1 for Stocks as of June 30, 2017. Even if you do not have proper purchase invoice wise details, you can claim for deemed credit 40% (Upto 12% GST items) and 60% (For 18% and 28% GST items) deemed credit. Please read the following article:
How to generate TRAN 1 for Transitional Credit in GSTN?
Please find the links related to an offline tool provided by the Government for GST Returns.

Download Link Offline Tool

Downloading and Installing Offline Utility

Uploading Invoices using the Excel Templates

Step-by-step User Manual on uploading invoice data through Returns Offline Utility and troubleshooting 

If you want to know about GSTN provided an offline tool for GSTR 1 please read here:

Using an offline tool for filing GSTR 2

Please download the latest patch from the Help menu in the software. Please read

As you are using GST features of the software and you may be interested to know about charges for GST Updates, please read:

Notes for GSTR1
  1. B2B contains all invoices raised to registered persons. We have not considered the GST registration date in customer master as GST can be taken within 30 days so ITC should be available to him. Even if it is not available, let GSTN take this decision. It will be discarded when you upload it to GSTN. Then you may add it to B2C. You have to check the GSTN response for the wrong GSTIN as well. It does not contain 0% items. 
  2. B2CL contains interstate invoices to unregistered persons for more than Rs 2.5 lac. According to General practice in pharmaceuticals, we do not expect any data here.  Similarly in the CD2NUR sheet, there may not be any data for credit notes against B2CL invoices. 
  3. B2C contains only net value after deducting credit/debit notes. No invoice detail is uploaded for unregistered customers. 
  4. HSN wise details contain only sales invoices (and debit note to customers) data. 
  5. Debit notes to the customer are called supplementary invoices in the GST system and are always included in sales invoice data. 
  6. Documents information is not imported and uploaded with CSV files. 
  7. 0% of sales are not uploaded with CSV files. It includes all sales to B2B, B2C, and  B2CL.
I hope it helps. 

*Please note that this is not legal advice. Please take help from your tax consultant. We are not tax expert*

*Second priority option*
As you are aware, you have to file GST returns on GSTN and for easy interaction with GSTN, some GSP has been appointed by GSTN. Out of them, we have provided integration in software with 2 GSPs. You need to register with a GSP to file GST returns directly from your software. Generating data on excel and filing reports using excel sheets is a cumbersome process and we are unable to provide any support for the same.

As already explained that so many interactions are required with GSTN in a timebound manner that only feasible option is to do it yourself and file online returns through software using Karvy or GSTSure. You can visit or and do the same. All the options are available inside the software GST menu. 

You can create a login for CA and CA can see the GST returns from his office, check the returns and even file them on your behalf using OTP/Digital signature on GSP web site. Auto filling of GST returns is not provided to exclude your CA from the process, it is provided to ease the data transfer process to CA and GSTN and make life easy for everyone. Data is checked while being uploaded to the GSP website and nothing is filed till then. After that when CA and you have also checked on the GSP website, then you file it there and it goes from GSP web site to GSTN. 

Please see videos from GSP Karvy or GST Sure:

If you need help for Karvy, please read

If you have not registered with Karvy and want to do so please visit

If you need help to make a decision, please read:

*Third priority option*
Still, if you want to transfer excel raw data to CA and he wants to prepare a report for you, you can use the GST data summary option and export raw data to excel and provide this sheet to your tax consultant.  This is part of standard features in GST updates. All GST features will run after 30th Sep 2017 only if either you have paid GST update charges or Advance AMC for one year. Please read:

*Please note that this is not legal advice. Please take help from your tax consultant. We are not tax expert*

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