Update TCS only for Purchase Invoices in Unisolve-Cross

How to Update TCS only for Purchase Invoice in Unisolve-Cross


How to Update TCS in Purchase Invoice in Unisolve/Cross

TCS (Tax Collected at Source): Effective from 01.10.2020. 

Please update your software to the latest version 16.3 or later:


In this article, we have explained to you How to enter the TCS amount in the Purchase Invoice in Unisolve/CrossIf TCS is applicable in sales also for your organization, then please follow this article:


When you update our latest patch 16.3.3, then software auto-creates Billing Head “TCS Paid” under System-> Master Data-> Billing Head menu. The posting account will be TCS Paid (TCSPAY). You can create a billing head and posting account yourself as well in older versions. Screen as per below: 

TCS Paid

Now, when you enter Purchase entry & if any supplier sends Purchase Invoice with TCS Amount, then please use “Ctrl+K” (Billing Head) to enter the TCS amount in Purchase Invoice. 

When you press the “Ctrl+K” key then the software opens a new window “Billing Head”. In this window, you can add the “TCSPAY” Billing Head & then enter the TCS amount as per your Purchase Invoice & press OK without select any Tax Code & without entering any Qty. Screen as per below:

Billing Head

You will be able to check TCS Payment A/c through the Account Statement. Screen as per below: 

Account Statement

So it’s a simple way to implement TCS in Purchases for Unisolve/Cross Software.

For more details, please submit a support request at https://swildesk.com.

If you require support, please read: How to get online support (Guide & Video)




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