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Some important features you need to know

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Checkout Important Features You Need to Know About Unisolve/Cross Software

To know about some advance features please check Advanced Features in Unisolve/Cross

The requirement for Invoice billing software in your business is quite a visible matter. The need for technology in everything is a daily talk and we are aware of several business management functions in software that helps the growth of a business and simplifies the way a business functions. What is important is to find the right one for your business and for yourself. Learn as much as possible after the software that you require and what is that you really need and why.

1. Multiple Window Open & Multiple Times Software open: This option is useful to open multi-time software and also resize the screen for comparison. We can open multiple times software and we can set screen according to your choice like as this window. Image as per below: 

Multiple Window Open and  Multiple Times Software open

 2. Change Software Background: You can change your software background image like this image. Rename your Images file with USBACK.JPG in the data directory folder and exe folder. 
Change Software Background

3. Font Scale (Screen Size Decrease & Increase): This option is useful for resizing the transactions screen as per your required and smooth your eyes. We can Change screen size the use of this key at Home Screen of software (Ctlr++ or Ctlr+-) if we want to show more items at a single screen without page down key we can increase screen size like as this image 

Font scale management.
Font scale management.

  4. Zoom In Zoom Out: We can also use zoom in zoom out facility in this software we can view or modify any entry from anywhere just like you open balance sheet and enter customer or supplier you can go to the bill to particular customer bills to enter key  like as this image 


5. PDF & Excel Creation: Now as days this option is very important to give your report to your MSR or Retailer that’s why they will open this report on mobile or tab. We can export any report in excel or PDF. This option is shown at every report window like as this images:

6. Ctrl+K for Billing Head: In this option, you can add or fewer amounts in invoice without item detail including GST or without GST  e.g. freight or other charges, in your bills (Sales or Purchase) and it will show in your GST Input or Output reports. A window opens like  this image :
Billing Head

7. F4 Company Wise discount: This option is more useful for company-wise discount & all product discounts in a bill like as this image 
F4 Company Wise discount

8. Purchase Order (Auto): “Purchase Order” is an important role in controlling business purchases. In this process, we’ll define how to Create a purchase order, highlight key benefits to using “Purchase Order”, and explain the key steps in the “Purchase Order” process This option is very to use full for your business. It will create auto purchase order as per the basis of your last sales like as this image For more detail click on this link:  How to Create Purchase Order in Unisolve & Cross

Purchase Order

9. Convert Sales Return to Sales Credit Notes: This Process is very useful for converting multiple sales return into sales credit note like this image. 
Select Menu option: Adjustment -> Convert Sales Return to Sales Credit Note. 

Convert Sales Return to Sales Credit Notes

10. Purchase Return (Auto collect Return From Customer): This option is used to send your expiry or breakage or return to the company that collects from your retailer. IT’s Control your expiry & breakage goods garbage for this go to Adjustment -> Purchase Return.  

Purchase Return (Auto collect Return From Customer)

11. Purchase Return (Auto collect Godown Expiry Breakage): In the above option, you can collect already entered expiry & Breakage product in purchase return. For retail business (CROSS), you can collect expired items from fresh stock and directly reduce it from stock. For this there is the additional question in CROSS - Collect from Current Stock Y/N.

12. GST Transactions: This option is very useful to get input credit on transactions other than purchase or sales, you can enter those using Accounts - GST Transactions option. Please note that input credit is not available for following under section 17(5) and you may continue to enter these transactions as earlier in Accounts- voucher entry option.
GST -> GST Transactions For more detail click on this link 

13. GST Query: This option is used to see the query of all GST data. It also provides Zoom in Zoom out facility so that you can go to your particular bills and re-correct or check the bill like as this image 

GST Query.

14. GST Report: In This Report, you can see your Print GST Register & Purchase Invoice wrong calculation list & Export your GST row data in excel & Update Purchase invoice no & date in history like as this image 
GST Report

15. Reconcile GSTR2 Or GSTR1: The details of purchases filed in GSTR-2 return of buyer matches with the details of sales filed in GSTR-1 of the seller. Like as this image This option will show in GSTPlUS.EXE like us.exe. 

16. Export (Excel & JSON) GSTR3B, GSTR1, GSTR2: In this option, we can export GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 in excel file after that we can import these files in Govt. offline tool and we can export JSON file and directly upload at GOVT. Portal.
For more Detail Click on these link 

17. E-Way Bill: Now You can create JSON file to upload E-way bill of Sales & Purchase Return & Purchase Debit Note 

18. Update GST Lock Date: This option is very to use full for lock your bills modification of till date you have submitted your GST report like as this image:
Update GST Lock Date

19. Daily Report: This option is very to use full to your business in this report you can see your par day Sales & Purchase & Cash & Excess Scheme product & Short items & New product & New customer & etc report like as this image: (Report -> Daily Report )
Daily Report

20. Dump Item Report & Non Moving Items: This option is used to see your dump item those do not sales lot of time that’s why you can sale or return to your company. 
Report -> Inventory Details 

21. Near-Expiry Goods: In this report, you can see your near expiry items company-wise Report -> Expiry & Breakage & Return. 

22. Top Analysis (Customer, Product, Supplier): This is very important features in this report you can see your top customer list and most salable product and most purchasing supplier Analysis -> Top Analysis 

23.   Non Transaction Client: In this report, you can see those customers they do not purchase any items to you Report -> Customer Reports 

24. Profit Analysis: You can see your profit report (bill wise, company wise, customer wise ) like as this image Analysis -> Profit Analysis 
Profit Analysis

25. Comparison of Sales from Current year to last year: This is more useful feature to compare your last year sales with the current year sales with month wise for this go to  analysis menu Customer wise, Product wise, Company wise, Station wise, Area Wise 

Comparison of Sales from Current year to last year

26. Import Account, Balance, Schedule from Last Year: You can import account, balances (bill wise or balance) and schedule from last year 
Import Account

27. Check Opening Balance Difference: You can check your opening balance difference with the last year closing balances that which account balance do not match like as this image
Check Opening Balance Difference

28. Day Book, Cash & Bank Book: You can check you’re per day book of your bank account or cash account collections, etc. Account -> Report 

29. SSOID: Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access multiple documents like as Drug License no, GST No., Adharcard No., Etc. The service authenticates the end-user for all the applications the user has been given rights to and eliminates further prompts when the user switches applications during the same session. On the back end, SSO is helpful for logging user activities as well as monitoring user accounts. So Govt. Collect all SSO ID of all retails from Big Wholesaler because all retailers are in touch with Big Wholesaler. So we have implemented this feature in our software. It’s is required for all trade, not a particular trade. When wholesaler makes a bill of a retailer that a pop-up window will appear to fill the SSO ID  Like as this image 

30. H1 Report, NDPS Report: You can check your H1 product sales as per govt. format as per as required Govt. and you can also check your NDPS report 

31. View Transactions Log: In this report, you can check your transaction report that who make bill and who modify bill with the time duration Administrator -> View Transaction Log 

32. User Rights: You can set your user rights as per your requirement that which option should be open or not 

33. Scheme Master Update: If your supplier has given scheme when you enter purchase it will ask that you want to give scheme in sales it automatic update in scheme master 

34. User Wise Credit Limit: If the Retailer credit limit exceeds and the retailer giving the cheque now operator make bills to enter with remark and enter cheque no that can make the bill. 

35. Attributes: Attributes is used for institutional supply you can make attributes in System -> Master Data -> Invoice Attribute List after that when you create a bill and press Ctrl+F1 and select institutional sales and you can also consider or Not these sales or purchase in Sales & Stock Statement or Purchase Order like as this image. 

36. History Option: You can see history of sales or purchase at any transaction of the last 5 years to the user the key F6 for sales F12 for purchase. 

37. Export Data To Tally: Now you can export our data for tally from the utility -> Export to Tally 
For more detail click on this link

38. Help Menu: This option is very useful for Owner & Operator in this menu we have given many options like as what’s new (New Changes in the software are shown in this option), User Manual ( In this all software key or function or features are available), About Us (In this option you can see your all registration information), 

39. Query Menu: In this menu, you can see all queries with Zoom In Zoom Out facility like as Supplier Query, Customer Query, Product Query, Rate & Stock Query, Inquiry Transactions, Balance Sheet Etc. 

40. Export & Import Master: This is very useful for all because we can import Product & Customer & Company master through Excel/CSV file import in our software.  

41. Auto Create Voucher: In this option, you can auto-create your expenses voucher for Per day, per month basis.

42. Bank Reconciliation: In this option, you can reconcile your Bank Account with verify & check your Bank Statement.

For more details, please make a ticket at 

If you require support please read: How to get online support (Guide & Video)



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