How to Create and Record Sales Invoice in SwilERP Software

Create Sales Invoice in SwilERP (RetailGraph)

How to Generate Sales Invoice in SwilERP (RetailGraph) Software

A Sales Invoice is a formal document issued by a vendor to customers for products or services rendered. In SwilERP, users can generate sales invoices from the sales menu, containing transaction details and payment terms, aiding accurate record-keeping and transaction tracking.

Start with Login in SwilERP dashboard to initiate the process

  1. Go to the Sales Option> Sales Invoice.
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SwilERP Dashboard Window
  1. A new window of Sales Invoice will appear in the next slide.
  2. Select the Options i.e. Month/Date/Entry/Year to browse the invoices. Or users can open the previous invoice by clicking on the Previous option in sales invoice.
  3. Click on the invoice and open the sales invoice window.
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Process to Generate Sales Invoice

A new window for creating sales invoice will appear in the next slide. Follow the below-given steps to create a sales invoice:
  1. Enter the Customer name in the column. Enter Reference number and other details of customerif required.
  2. Select the Product name from the drop-down list or you can create it manually from the new option.
  3. After selecting a product, select the Batch number if you have multiple batch numbers of the product.
  4. All further details i.e. MRP, Rate, will automatically fill in columns.
  5. Enter Quantity of the product.
  6. You can select Multiple Products here.
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Other Options in Home Tab

While creating sales invoice, uses can select the following options:
  1. Shipping Details- You can select shipping details from this option, in which you've to fill in E-way bills detail.
  2. Payment Details- From this option, you can select the Payment details according to payment type. (Cash, Credit, Cheque, Card)
  3. Tax Details- You can select tax details of product from this option.
  4. Promotion Details or Apply promotion- Select and apply promotion on products from these options.
  5. Add/Less- You can select Billing Head from this option.
  6. Adjust Return- This option is for GST transactions.
  7. Clear Challan/Order- From this, you can view pending orders and challan list.
  8. Save the page with the given option.
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Options in View Section

  1. Print Options:
    1. Preview: Click on the preview option to view the invoice format.
    2. Print Barcode: To print barcode click on the this option.
    3. Print Options: From the print options users can select print formats i.e. Dot matrix, Laser, Thermal. Read More: Print transaction
    4. Cancel Changes: To cancel the changes in invoice.
  1. Set Layout:
    1. Header Layout: To set header layout in sales invoice window users can use this option.
    2. Grid Layout: To set grid layout in invoice format click on the grid layout option. Read More: Set Grid Layout
    3. Ribbon Layout: From this option users can set ribbon layout.
    4. Save Layout: After setting layout users can save the layout from this option.
  1. Find:
    1. Find: To find an item in sales menu click on this option.
    2. Copy to New: This option is used for copy invoice in new bill.
  1. Navigation:
    1. Previous: Go to the previously created invoice from this option.
    2. Next: Go to the next invoice by clicking on the next button.
Reference image:
Sales Invoice Window

Options in History Section

With this option, users can view customer history, product history, purchase product history, & sales product history of selected invoice.
  1. Read More: History Section.
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History Section

Options in Review Section

With this option, users can change bill amount, tax type, lot discount, scheme discount, etc.

  1. Batch/Color/ MRP wise detail: In this section, users can view Batch, Color, and MRP details of selected products in bill.
  1. Read More: Change Bill Amount.
  1. Read More: Change Tax Type.
  1. Read More: Change Lot Discount.
  1. Change Trade Discount: From this option users change the trade discount in the created sales bill.
  1. Change Scheme Discount: With this option users can change the scheme discount in the created sales invoice.
  1. Rate Hike: Users can update rate % or amount in this option.
Reference image:
Review Window

Options in References Section

With this option user can view product & vouchers details of selected bill.

Rate List: With this option, users can view the customer price list which you set on particular customer.

Product Info: User can view the product info by clicking on the product info option.

Product & Generic Search: You can search product & generic name with this option.

Open Voucher: You can directly open the voucher of sales invoice by this option. Read More: Open Vouchers

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References Section

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